Docker Linux

Using Let’s Encrypt / EFF’s CertBot with NGINX in Docker

I’m using NGINX in a Docker Container as a front-end HTTP(s) Webserver, performing SSL termination and proxying incoming requests to various other Docker Containers and VMs. Now that I’ve switched my certificates to Let’s Encrypt, I wondered how to integrate EFF’s CertBot (which is recommended by Let’s Encrypt) with my setup. Here’s how I did it.


How to set up HTTPS/SSL in WordPress behind Proxy (nginx, HAProxy, Apache, lighttpd)

Today I changed the accessibility of my blog from HTTP (unencrypted) to HTTPS/SSL. My blog is running WordPress behind an nginx proxy server. However, while the pages themselves loaded successfully from HTTPS, the embedded static resources like JavaScripts, Images, CSS files etc. did not. Here’s how I fixed it.