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Setting up a Kubernetes cluster with K3S, GlusterFS and Load Balancing

I’ve recently written a tutorial which will guide you through setting up a Kubernetes cluster using K3S with virtual machines hosted at Hetzner, a German (Cloud) hosting provider. The tutorial uses K3S, a lightweight Kubernetes distribution which is perfectly suited for small VMs like Hetzner’s CX11. Additionally, the tutorial will show you how to set up Hetzner’s cloud load balancer which performs SSL offloading and forwards traffic to your Kubernetes system. Optionally, you will learn how to set up a distributed, replicated file system using Kadalu, an opinionated storage system based on GlusterFS. This allows you to move pods between the nodes while still having access to the pods’ persistent data.

Read the tutorial in Hetzner’s Online Community.

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Thank you very much for this tutorial! Everything worked great.

How can I access the cluster from my machine?
Kubernetes control plane is running at
How do I access it externally?

I have added the config of /etc/rancher/k3s/k3s.yaml locally on my machine. But since the reference is to, I don’t have access to the cluster either.

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